Since its beginning, Quantum has shared its knowledge and know-how in the field of Public Services Regulation and Tariff Calculation with their clients and with the community in general, developing a variety of training activities: from In Company Courses and the participation of experts in Forums and Conferences, to the organization of International Seminars.

Specialized members of our team manage every aspect of these activities, from the research and design of the contents, to the handling of the logistics of the event in situ, ensuring the highest standards of quality and incorporating, at every opportunity, the latest state-of-the art developments and knowledge. Without counting the attendees of In Company Courses, more than two hundred people have attended our International Seminars, belonging to 98 institutions, including Regulatory Bodies and Utilities from 21 countries.


Seminarios Especiales


Además. Quantum realiza seminarios especiales, con temas específicos del sector. A continuación mostramos los seminarios especiales dictados hasta el momento: