Quantum has developed a simulation model for Electricity and Gas Markets, called OMEGA. This model is currently used by important power generation companies in Argentina. It was also used to assist in arbitrations and to simulate other wholesale markets, such as SIEPAC, Peru, Bolivia, Cameroon, etc.
The applications of this model include:
• Simulation and integration of Wholesale Electricity and Natural Gas Markets
• Planning and Optimization of Power Plant Dispatching
• Support operators in the purchase and sale of energy and natural gas, in Spot Markets and Term Contracts
• Evaluation of Generation Projects
• Decision for optimal installation of new plants (thermal, hydraulic, wind, solar, etc.)
• Mechanisms for optimal expansion of new gas pipelines and electrical transmission lines.

Simulation is the study of a process by observing the behavior of a model, over time, in response to a pattern of inputs. The development of Mathematical Simulation Models is a modern analytical technique that can be used in the different stages of the evaluation of different strategies.
Quantum uses modern modeling systems, with linear, integer linear and mixed linear programming algorithms. It has also developed numerous models with dynamic programming.