Quantum has the pleasure to invite you to participate in the 5th Benchmarking Study of Natural Gas Distribution together with the WEB Service of the Key Indicators of the Business that will allow more comprehensive and robust analyses and comparisons in which the main distributors of Natural Gas in America and Europe will take part.

Dozens of Indicators

You will be able to know the reality of your company from a new perspective.

Dozens of Companies

With 4 successful gas benchmarkings, more and more companies are joining the study.


Custom Reports

That will help you understand the reality of your company.


New Version

In this 5th edition there will be new more complete analyzes and new indicators.

The 2017 Benchmarking Study

In this Benchmarking Study, each company will have at its disposal a powerful and effective tool for comparison with other distributors.

More than 24 companies in Latin America took part in the latest study, conducted in 2014. The results were remarkably consistent and allowed to compare the performance of the companies, identifying the most efficient ones, as well as determining the relationship between the main variables in the distribution business and their costs.

The 5th Benchmarking will serve to give continuity to the previous versions and add new comparative and analysis elements, through the cost estimate and evaluation of the critical business variables, related to the economic-financial, operational, market, quality and asset aspects.

The most relevant indicators we will analyse will be the following:

  • Operation and Maintenance (O&M)
  • Quality
  • Investments
  • Related Activities
  • Others

The study will make an estimate using statistical techniques, considering the explanatory variables of each activity, intending to estimate the costs more accurately and considering the respective outputs.

Obtaining estimated costs by activity and, consequently, the efficiency of each company, will allow to identify a roadmap of opportunities.

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Benchmarking Services

Quantum offers a Full Service that has the following characteristics:
  • WEB Tool:
    • Access to Indicators: Access hundreds of Indicators on Quantum`s Website.
    • Access the Efficiency Benchmarking: Compare the efficiency of your company with the rest of the companies of the sector, in Quantum`s Website.
  • Reports:
    • Indicators: Find the comparison of the indicators of each variable of your company with those of other companies in the sector.
    • Efficiency: Get to know your level of efficiency regarding the rest and how it was calculated.
  • Forum: It will allow interaction with participants through the modern practices of online interactivity.
  • Control Panel: Access to the Custom Control Panel of the site, where you can customize the way your Indicators will be displayed.

In addition to this, Quantum offers a  Basic Service : through the simple participation of your company in the study, with the contribution of data, you will receive a free one-year subscription to QUANTUM Indicators WEB Tool, where you will be able to analyse the most relevant Indicators and compare your company with distributors from different countries, according to the following example:

Indicator OPEX/Customer, which compares your company with the rest and shows the average:

For more information about QUANTUM Indicators, access:

» Quantum Indicators Website

Plans y Prices

In the event that more than one company from the same economic group participates, the following discounts are applied:
Number of Companies
Discount Full Service (USD)*
1 0% 5000
2 10% 4500
3 20% 4000
4 30% 3500
5 or more 40% 3000
The Confidentiality of Information and the positioning of each company is guaranteed,  as each company participating in the study will only know its position in relation to the others, but will not be able to identify the other participating companies.
For greater security, QUANTUM will sign a Confidentiality Agreement with each company participating in the study.
*The prices indicated in this offer do not include any tax and/or taxes to be withheld from Quantum in compliance with the laws in force in each of the participating countries, such as, but not restricted to: Value Added Tax (VAT), Withholding Gross Income, Sales Tax, Taxes Withheld from Remittances to Foreign Countries, etc., which will be added in their exact incidence in each billing if applicable. In this way the values presented are understood as net values to be transferred.

Registration and Suscriptions to:

“5th Benchmarking Study of Natural Gas Distribution”


DEADLINE: April 15th, 2017

For registration, subscription to plan and/or additional information, please contact:

Santiago Sanchez
E-mail: ssanchez@quantumamerica.com
Tel. +54 (351) 4824647