Network Engineering



Distribution and Transmission companies need a deep understanding of the networks that constitute its core business, to manage them efficiently, meeting the requirements imposed by the Quality Regulations.

For the studies of optimal network expansion it is necessary to simulate typical load conditions, for different situations, analyzing scenarios of various probabilities of occurrence. During the simulations, bottlenecks are identified and the profitability of removing them is evaluated. To this end it is necessary to calculate the expected value of losses and the cost of failures involved with each investment decision.

In the case of electric power networks, the main tools used are the programs for calculating power flows, through which the operating characteristics of the system are determined for a given set of specific loads. Quantum uses software specifically developed for this purpose, which allows the realization of these studies with great precision, offering reliability in the solution and versatility, also providing links to programs frequently used by companies to manage networks (Neplan, Milsoft, PSS, etc.), management databases (Access), spreadsheets (Excel), and graphic processing systems (AutoCAD).

Quantum has developed numerous engineering studies, among which the following stand out:

  • Investment Plans.
  • Losses Studies.
  • Network Planification.
  • Network Due Diligence.
  • Technical and Economic Feasibility.