Quantum understands continuous improvement as a necessity for job growth, to maintain the high level demanded by clients on a daily basis and to help organizations achieve greater competitiveness. That is why Quantum offers training courses on regulatory matters under the modality “In company”, aimed at company executives and institutions that require them, in their own offices and with the subject matter requested by the company, or through open seminars which subject matter and duration are published in a timely manner.

The training includes the following topics:
• Microeconomic Foundations of Regulation: Demand, Supply, Market, Surplus, Optimal, Competition and Monopoly, The Marginalist Approach to Pricing
• Regulatory Strategies: Service Cost Regulation, Incentive Regulation, Price Cap, Hybrid Approaches
• Tariff Methodology: Cost Function, Welfare Maximization, Optimal Tariffs for Capacity Use, TOU Tariffs, Sustainability, Ramsey Tariffs, Average Cost Allocation for Responsibility in Use, Demand Projections, Load Characterization Study
• Cost of Capital: Capital Base, Cost of Capital, Cost of Capital Rate, Donated Capital, New Replacement Value
• Operating Costs and Non-Technical Losses: Cost Efficiency, Cost Indicators, Benchmarking, Non-Technical Loss Optimization, Cost Projection
• Optimal Tariff Structures: Cost Allocation, Annual and Seasonal Tariffs, Responsability Factors, DAV Decomposition, Cost Curve, Optimal Tariff Blocks
• Market Simulation: simulation of the behavior of agents within the electrical industry. Dispatches according to order of merit to cover the demand. Dispatch at minimum cost
• Market Risk in Price-Cap: Tariff Variation, Exogenous Variables, Efficiency Factor
• Network Optimization and Technical Loss Study: Green Field and Top-Down Models.