Businesses related to electricity, natural gas, water, sanitation and transportation are generally characterized by being capital-intensive natural monopolies, possessing exclusivity over a certain geographic region and being regulated by specialized agencies. This combination of attributes generates the need to study multiple aspects of the companies’ activities in order to achieve the optimum use of the resources employed. The sunken investments made available to users must be recovered throughout their useful life while generating reasonable profits compared to activities of similar risk. Likewise, the costs generated by the efficient provision of services must be recovered in the tariffs. The profound debate around the business of public services produces sensitive effects on companies by modifying their income, the value of their assets and the penetration of the service in the community.

Quantum has developed a deep knowledge of the variables and effects that affect the market in order to support their clients in the following services:
• Tariff and Fee Structure
• Regulatory and Tariff Services
• Economic and Financial Analysis and Price Projection
• Market Analysis and Demand Projection
• Technical-Economic Feasibility Studies
• Risk and Threat Assessment
• Regulated Rate of Return Studies
• Support in Mergers and Acquisitions
• Due Diligence for companies in different sectors