Economic theory makes qualitative statements and econometrics has the function of providing empirical content to economic theory. Research in the areas of planning, economics, finance, and other disciplines increasingly use quantitative methods. Econometrics is defined as the science that applies tools of economic theory, mathematics, and statistical inference to the analysis of economic phenomena.
This discipline applies statistical mathematics to economic data to validate economic models. Both public utilities and the agencies responsible for their regulation and control must often make decisions based on econometric studies. Quantum supports companies and regulatory bodies in studies that involve the application of analysis and the proposal of econometric models.

Among the main studies stand out:
• Global and Spatial Projection of Electricity, Gas, Water, Sanitation and Transportation Demands
• Projection of Macroeconomic Variables
• Consumption Curve Characterization Campaign
• Best Practices and Service Standards
• Identification of the Demand Structure according to the End Use of the resource