SERVICIOS okPublic Service Regulation

One of the main problems of the economic policy is the regulation of public utilities, which have natural monopoly characteristics. The regulation aims to ensure the service at minimum cost, allowing them to obtain profitability suitable with the business risk.

Quantum´s objective is to assist both the regulated company and the regulator, in the application of objective, rational and consistent standards that encourage efficiency, minimize the regulatory risk and increase legal certainty.

Quantum features an extensive and remarkable experience in various Latin American regulatory scenarios. The main services providad are listed below:

  • Regulatory strategies.
  • Design and Reforms of Regulatory Frameworks.
  • Analysis of Income Requirements.
    » Historic (Backward Looking)
    » Projected (Forward Looking)
  • Development of Tariff Policies.
  • Cost of Capital Calculation Methodologies.
  • Tariff Design.
  • Structure of Tariffs and Charges.
  • Regulatory Accounting.
  • Litigation and Testimonial Support.
  • Demand Side Management.