In Company Training


In the Modern World, continuing training and education are invaluable, and represent an indispensable requirement for the growth of a company.

Quantum understands continuous improvement as a need for employment growth to maintain the high level that customers demand every day and to help organizations achieve greater competitiveness. That is why Quantum offers “In-Company” training courses for regulation, aimed at company executives that require them, in their own offices and a customized program, or through open seminars with a subject matter and duration previously published.


The training includes the following topics:
  • Microeconomic Foundations of Regulation: Demand, Supply, Market, Surpluses, Optima, Competition and Monopoly, the Marginalist approach to tariffication.
  • Regulatory Strategies: Regulation by Service Cost, Regulation by Incentives, Price Cap, Hybrid Approaches.
  • Tariff Methodology: Cost Function, Welfare Maximization, Optimum Tariffs for Capacity Use, TOU Tariffs, Sustainability, Ramsey Tariffs, Mean Cost Allocation by Peak Responsibility, Demand Projections, Load Characterization Study.
  • Capital Cost: Capital Base, Capital Cost, Capital Cost Rate, Donated Capital, New Replacement Value.
  • Operating Costs and Non-Technical Losses: Efficient Cost, Cost Indicators, Benchmarking, Non-Technical Loss Optimization, Cost Projection.
  • Optimum Tariff Structures: Cost Allocation, Annual and Seasonal Tariffs, Responsibility Factors, VAD Decomposition, Cost Curve, Optimum Tariff Blocks.
  • Market Simulation: simulation of the behavior of agents within the electricity industry. Dispatches by order of merit to cover the demand. Minimum cost dispatch.
  • Market-risk in the Price-Cap: Tariff Variation, Exogenous Variables, Efficiency Factor.
  • Network Optimization and Technical Losses Study: Green Field (Top-Down) models, Real Optimized Network (Bottom-Up) models.