Strategic Alliances


Since 1986, Quantum is dedicated to research and development of optimal regulation methodologies, supporting both companies and regulatory entities in analysis and decision making.

Among the most significant advances, is the development of optimization models of the electricity and gas distribution business and models of tariff calculations on a platform called Analytica (developed by Lumina), which is distinguished by its versatility in the proposition of simulation models.

With the application of Analytica in these models, we have managed to reduce the complexity in understanding and using them as well as achieving greater flexibility that enables fast and spontaneous generation of simulation scenarios, providing users a powerful tool for both planning and for strategic decision making.


Analytica is a visual software tool for building quantitative models with a higher level of transparency, flexibility, and scalability than Excel.

Analytica provides influence diagrams to structure and communicate models, Intelligent Arrays ™ for easy management of multidimensional data, and rapid simulation through Monte Carlo for risk analysis and uncertainty.
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Since July 2006, Quantum and Lumina have signed a strategic agreement in order to participate as affiliated consultants and complementing skills to provide greater value to customers.


Analytica, diagrama de influencia para estructurar<br /> y cominicar los modelos.