Renewable Energy

The concerns for the environment and the effects of climate change have aroused great interest in the development of Renewable Energy Projects. Today, these interests have been further enhanced because of a major reason: the economic reason, which allows projects such as solar photovoltaic to reach higher returns than other non-renewable traditional energies.

From Quantum, we advise clients interested in evaluating the technical-economic feasibility of installing renewable energy projects that allow using the energy generated for self-consumption, sale to third parties and / or participating in renewable energy tenders. We provide support in all stages of the project, from the identification of the most profitable locations to the selection of the suppliers necessary for the building of the site, being the main services:

  • Analysis of the national and provincial legislation related to the project;
  • Survey of the potential of the resource and other climatic characteristics that affect the performance of the projects;
  • Argentina Electricity System route assessment;
  • Analysis of existing technology alternatives;
  • Survey of investment costs and operation and maintenance of the available technologies;
  • Valuation of tax benefits, income that proceeds from the sale of carbon credits;
  • Definition of the most profitable location of the project;
  • Definition of the efficient scale of the project;
  • Calculation of the rate of return of the project as a whole, as well as the shareholder´s.
  • Calculation of net present value and period of return on investment.